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With Joe Madrigal

Treacle references a physical transformation, the domestic and slow syrupy movement. Pulling heavily from pictorial traditions, our aim is to refract and scramble the visual information of interior and exterior landscapes. This work attempts to de-anchor.

This project was inspired and produced during a residency at Rutherfurd Hall, a historical home museum in New Jersey, USA. Connections began to coalesce from looking at the site, original blueprints, the Astro-Lunar photographs by the pioneer photographer Lewis Morris Rutherfurd and the intensely picturesque views of the lake. The insistence of romanticism paired with layers of historical technologies brought to mind displacement. We fabricated an odd object that allowed us to reflect the space in complex convex and concave tessellations. Placing an object of uncertain origin within familiar pictorial tropes, the performance of the body within transforms both the object and the surrounding space.

Treacle is exhibited as a moving image within a picture frame — a moving painting of sorts — not as a video.

Davis Lisboa Mini-Museum if Contemporary Art — Barcelona, Spain — 2016
Incubarte 7 International Art Festival — Valencia, Spain — 2015
Indiana University Northwest — Gary, IN — 2014
Rutherfurd Hall — Allamuchy, NJ — 2013