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Johnny Appleseed: As American As Apple Pie

With Katie Hargrave

This project investigates taste, memory, and diaspora. How does Johnny Appleseed’s memory and the changing conception of the apple reference each other? Does the difference in taste (from crab apples to heirlooms to red delicious) mirror the fluidity of Johnny Appleseed mythology?

In a project dubbed, “As American As Apple Pie,” we recontextualize the historical timeframe and popular understanding of Johnny Appleseed, a figure who truly embodies the American ethos of re-vamping and re-writing histories for public consumption. We seek to make apparent the multiplicity of narratives and their evolution across time through the personage of Johnny Appleseed and the object which he has become patron saint: the apple.

Lexington Art League — Lexington, Kentucky — 2013
Gumball Gallery — Iowa City, Iowa — 2009