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Project Fielding | Resistance Architecture

Made with Project Fielding

Resistance Architecture, Project Fielding’s first design build project, is an adaptable structure intended for political encampment that can be erected to fulfill the needs of long-term protesters. In conjunction with Oak Park events celebrating the 150th birthday of Frank Lloyd Wright we responded to our current political climate with a reflective eye to student-built survival dorms at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West in the Sonoran Desert. Project Fielding instructors in collaboration with students designed and built a physically adaptive structure that functions in two positions: open and in lockdown. When in lockdown, the structure serves as a locker or a safe. When open, the structure is a spacious and ready to use shelter. Built by women and gender non-conforming carpenters of all levels, this structure will travel to sites of resistance.

Oak Park Arts League — Oak Park, IL — 2017