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With Lia Rousset

CURE is an installation consisting of over 2600 stalks of garlic woven into the walls. Created on invitation as the gallery was amidst construction, this site-specific project pulls together notions of “cure,” connecting architecture, the senses, and urban/rural relationships. As the gallery was in a moment of reevaluating its relationship to the neighborhood and the city, the space became a site for harvesting and storing knowledge. Each visitor was offered a curative shot of raw garlic and invited to share their home remedies as they entered into the programming of the gallery. CURE visualizes the little known and important farming practice of hanging garlic for two weeks. This curing allows the bulb to store its flavor and potency for long periods of time. The practice mirrors the harvesting and storing of collective knowledge that accumulated in the space.

6018 North — Chicago, Illinois — 2012