A Selection of Interviews and Articles

“The Tea Project” – Art Uncovered with Kimberly Ruth, BTRtoday

“An Interview with Amber Ginsburg” — Sarah K. Benning in The Constant Consumer

“Flo[we]{u}r with Amber Ginsburg and Jo Madrigal” — Shannon R. Stratton in Ceramics: Art and Perception

“NCECA Emerging Artist Amber Ginsburg”— Kalika Bowlby in NCECA blog

“Amber Ginsburg and Marissa Lee Benedict On Bio-Plastic and Collaboration” — Jason Judd in make-space.net

“An Apple A Day With Katie Hargrave and Amber Ginsburg”  — Bonnie Fortune’ Let’s Remake blog

The Personal As Political in Art” — Renee Was in The Chicago Maroon

Radio Islam‘s series on The Tea Project with Amber Ginsburg and Aaron Hughes
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4